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  • Various effects
  • Customized manufacturing
  • Combinable in many ways
  • Goods delivered are ready for connection
  • Halogen, LED effect or high-power LED technology
  • 100% waterproof
  • Swiss quality product
  • 12/24 volt lighting system with halogen and HP LED technology
  • Unlimited application possibilities for indoor and outdoor lighting above or below water. All luminaire types (also LED) are combinable with one another as customised linear- or star-configured sets.
  • Vast assortment in modular system. All parts are available individually. Stylish stainless steel design. Largest range of high-power LED luminaires available on the market.




Schweizer Quality Product - The Original
CE Member of Schweizerischen Brunnenmeister-Verband SBV Member of Schweizer Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches SVGW Member of Verband Schweizer Abwasser- und Gewässerschutzfachleute VSA

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