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  • High-power LED
    module with
    variably adjustable
    temperature control Find out more
Schweizer Quality Product - The Original
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High-end luminaires for outdoor lighting.
Recessed lights, spots and spotlights in perfection.

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Recessed luminaires

Recessed luminaires
  • Vast range of garden luminaires, 100% waterproof (IP68)
  • All luminaires are available with halogen, LED effect or HP LED technology.
  • Garden luminaires also available with halogen or LED technology (also in RGB multi-colour)
  • Greatest range of high power LED luminaires available on the market

Spots and spotlights

Spots and spotlights
  • Modern and creative lighting for gardens, ponds, swimming pools
  • Garden luminaires (HP LED or halogen lamps) for use above or below water
  • Suitable for use outdoors or underwater and for creating lighting effects
  • We are also happy to manufacture special designs according to your own specifications.

Luminaire accessories

Luminaire accessories
  • Vast assortment of luminaire accessories for the individual assembly of outdoor, pond and interior lighting.
  • Convenient remote control for all luminaires, spots and temperature-controlled HP LED modules
The professional lighting system